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Why You'll Love Cupping

Updated: Jan 3

In these crazy Covid 19 times we are living in, many people have been complaining about not feeling comfortable going back to their regular massage just yet, or just that the level of stress and daily time on the computer is unmanageable and physically painful. That is where acupuncture and cupping come in.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a suction based therapy that is part of East Asian Medicine, along with acupuncture and so much more. There are glass cups, plastic cups, silicone cups and even cups made of horns in some traditional practices. Cupping has actually shown up all over the world, so it's not merely the domain of East Asian Medicine.

What does cupping do and what are the benefits?

The most common use for cupping is pain: shoulder pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, headaches. Pain and physical and emotional trauma and stress are the main indications I tend to use cupping for.

Cupping "moves qi and blood", this means that it breaks up stagnation of blood and cellular waste at the deeper level of the tissues and brings blood to the surface. The immune system will be activated and move in to remove stagnation of fluids, blood and cellular waste like lactic acid and uric acid in the muscles.

Cupping is done in combination with an acupuncture treatment and is done towards the end, although every acupuncturist has their own unique approach to treatment.

If you are curious about cupping, contact Jenna for a housecall consult 480.881.0044.

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