• Jenna Aquilina L.Ac.

Welcoming in 2021

Listening to the coyotes sing in 2021, their deep howling and yipping as a sort of ceremony of sound. Singing out the old and bringing in the new. It reminded me of all the things to be released. All the emotions, all the changes, and what yet may be birthed into the world after the very long year of 2020.

Living next to a preserve in the desert brings with it all the sightings of critters and songs of coyotes, especially around the full moon. The recent full moon on 12/29 was interestingly in the lunar mansion of Rudra, “the howler”, which carried much of the symbolism for this year, in the form of teardrop and the storm of the pandemic. It’s called Ardra in Vedic Astrology.

In 2020, as the pandemic got started, instead of watching javelina’s outside my window I saw many humans, walking constantly to get out of their houses. It encouraged people to spend more time in nature. Many of us have spent this yearly quietly, gestating ourselves in the isolation of the pandemic.

2020 blessed us with the time to consider how we are birthing ourselves into the world. Giving the human collective the deep silence and time necessary to birth or re-birth ourselves and a new life potentially as things begin to shift forward at some point. There is no substitute for going within and taking time. A seed gestates in darkness and quiet before it’s insides explode outside of itself and it looks like it is being destroyed before rising to the surface and light and becoming something else.

As such, so has this year been for many of us humans, a deep time of being internal, rooting out what is working and what isn’t, what fits and what doesn’t anymore. Releasing, grieving, healing, growing, and just being. Just human being.

Here’s to the potentials for healing change in 2021! May all beings be happy, free and healthy

Image by Mees Groothuis from Pixabay

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