• Jenna Aquilina

Calm and de-stress with acupuncture

Did you know that acupuncture can help reduce stress? Stress is a cause or contributing factor in many health conditions from digestive to sleep disorders or anxiety and more.

It may seem strange, or counter-intuitive that tiny, hair thin needles inserted into the skin can reduce stress. But they do!

Acupuncture does this by helping to re-set the nervous system. It seems to act like an adaptogen, meaning that it increases the bodies ability to cope with stressors. There is still a lack of good research studies that can clearly explain all the physiological mechanisms by which acupuncture decreases stress. However, the most common response to clients coming in for acupuncture, even their first visit, is: "I feel so relaxed".

Since acupuncture clearly has a cumulative therapeutic effect, it is recommended to come in for once weekly visits in the beginning to help manage stress and other symptoms of imbalance or discomfort. Herbs can also help with the effects of stress between treatments.

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