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Treatment as Meditation

Did you know that acupuncture (or needle free treatments that I offer) can help you to have greater awareness and connection with your body and greater mindfulness and intention around your life and healing practices? Awareness is the connection made between mind-body and spirit when you are focusing your energy, time and attention to a specific issue present in your life towards the end of creating a shift or change in that circumstance or challenge.

During treatment is a time for you to set aside your daily tasks and focus your energy on your health and well being. We can focus on your needs on specific day as well as your broader health concerns and goals. Many people come seeking treatment for a specific issue and find that we are able to address their lives in a broader and more holistic way.

Taking time out for a weekly or monthly treatment can help you to stay more balanced, focused and grounded while managing your life amidst the chaos of the world.

Acupuncture helps to reduce stress hormones and to balance brain chemistry. We can also achieve wonderful results by using moxibustion or Aroma Acupoint therapy-which is a way of using therapeutic essential oils to energetically harmonize the acupuncture points. Craniosacral techniques and energy medicine are additional ways we can work with the body to help work on your intentions for healing and to bring awareness.

How to spend treatment time as a meditation

During treatment, it’s a great idea to focus on your body. What are you feeling and sensing? Do you notice any images or colors? Are there any emotions you are aware of? Is your mind very active? A great way to connect with your deeper self during treatment is to make the time an awareness based mindfulness practice (a meditation). You may even choose to “have a conversation” with your body, which can bring you much information. The best way to do this is to just observe. No need to push or try, just be with your body and in your body. Notice what comes up and observe it as if it is a boat on a river, just passing by. This is a great time to quietly observe what you are sensing and what information that it may bring you about your life.

Jenna Aquilina MAcOM Dipl.Ac L.Ac.

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