Energy medicine sessions are  offered as phone or internet based sessions, especially ideal during the pandemic or when you want to receive a session in the comfort of your own space.    To schedule call 480.881.0044


 What can distance energy medicine healing help with?

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Pandemic exacerbated issues

  • Physical pain, injury and help with post surgical healing

  • Energetic cleansing and working to clear "stuckness" and stagnation

  • Fertility, especially where there are things to be released in order to be ready to conceive

  • Digestive issues, especially related to energetically "digesting" life's experiences

This style of energy medicine works with the acupuncture meridians, points, chakras and energy body techniques and tools that Jenna has worked with during her years as a practitioner since 2005.  Each session is personalized to your needs and you may be given follow up recommendations.     


“Jenna provided me with a distance energy medicine healing session just at the right time.  Everything was shut down due to the pandemic, and I couldn’t get any care for my painful shoulder.  At first I was hesitant to do a remote session, but I knew that whatever she was going to offer would be helpful and healing.  I was fortunate enough to have an energy healing session from Jenna in person years ago when she was in my area.  I knew how powerful her treatments were. 

 At the beginning of the session we did a brief intake and  she asked me what I wanted help with and I told her I was having shoulder pain for the last few days.  She told me to get comfortable and close my eyes and set my intention for healing.  

We then got off the phone and I immediately felt very relaxed.  It’s almost like she was right there with me.  I started to feel movement in random areas of my body and even pain in my shoulder while she was working on me.  

After the session, I felt deeply relaxed as if I had had an in-person session with her.  Over the next couple of days my shoulder started to unwind and it felt much looser.  I was truly amazed by the healing power of a distance energy medicine healing.  

I highly recommend Jenna.  She is highly intuitive and skilled at what she does!”

-Sandy Sartain, L.Ac. MSTOM, Placerville,  California

"Upon a recent visit to Arizona, I had an extremely successful acupuncture appointment with Jenna.

 I felt lasting relief from her one appointment.  I was amazed and shocked as I had tried other practitioners in the past with no success.  The elation was wonderful.  I felt so healthy and uncompromised.


I am an energy sensitive person with the ability to feel the presence of a practitioner during remote healing.

I had been searching for a remote form of acupuncture for some time.  

I can "sense" remote healing.  I could feel when she came to me, I could feel sensations of warmth, soothing, pricks and even water.  After the session we would speak about the session and share our experiences.  It was most gratifying to hear some of the sensations were in alignment with her work on my body.


I highly recommend Jenna as an acupuncturist, and energy medicine healer, live or remote.  Her diagnostic skill, application and results were very effective."

Peace and health

Kelly , Pennsylvania

"The distance energy medicine treatment I received from Jenna helped clear a lot of stuck energy.  She explained what to expect during the session and provided tips on how to care for myself afterwards.  An overall great experience. " 

-Fern, Texas

How does distance energy medicine work?

Energy and intention can travel far distances and effect change.  All energy medicine healing techniques and traditions are based in fact that we have an energy body that is connected to our physical body.  The nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, fasica,  organs, DNA are all entwined with the meridian system and acupuncture points, chakras, marmas and so on.  The anatomy is intertwined with the energetic bodies .  Science  is beginning to help us understand how we are both energetic and physical, how it is possible to diagnose and treat someone at a distance.