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Acupuncture Energy Medicine

Call for a free 30 minute Peace and Calm Wellness consultation 

Acupuncture is an energy medicine, and like all energy medicines, it has it's basis in the anatomy and physiology of the physical body.  The nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, fasica,  organs, DNA and telomeres are all entwined with the meridian system and acupuncture points, chakras, marmas,  nawis and other names for energetic systems from all over the world.  

Since 1999, Jenna has studied and practiced various forms of energy medicine originating from a variety of cultural and therapeutic backgrounds.  Traditions from  Asia, Peru, Africa, Maya Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Craniosacral unwinding meridians, acupuncture, Tai chi and Qi Gong are among them.  Jenna is also a student of Vedic astrology and works with the understanding that as beings who are part of the earth and heavens, we are also working with many energies on a daily basis.  The work  during the session is  woven together uniquely depending on the person and situation.   

At this time,  energy medicine sessions are  being offered as phone or internet based sessions.  Perfect if you do not live in Arizona or prefer not to have to leave the comfort of home.  

 Energy and intention can travel far distances and effect change.   

Energy medicine sessions may involve work with East Asian Medicine concepts, chakras or other energy centers such as acupoints or belts, working with the field or clearing energies that are foreign to you.  Depending on the focus of the session, we may work with various techniques.  What is your focus and intention for healing?   Ideally, you will stay awake and present during the session.  While people do sometimes fall asleep, it is very beneficial to stay present and awake.  

 Prior  to our session, you will fill out an intake form so we can evaluate what types of issues physical, mental, spiritual, emotional or otherwise are wanting to be worked with and what your priorities are.  Recommendations may also be made for you such as dietary, herbs, lifestyle or another recommendation.  

Packages are available and encouraged:  

Making changes and healing transformations is a committment that is best honored by committing to multiple sessions.  .  

Payment must be made prior to your sessions as it represents the energetic exchange needing to be there for the session to happen .